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  • Snow & Rose

    by: Emily Winfield Martin A loving mother. A missing father. A little cottage in the woods. A cat named Earl Grey. A boy who lives underground. And a bear who decides to come inside. Throw in some magic and wonder and a dash of mischief and mystery. Snow & Rose is an enchanting fairytale about […]

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  • The King in Yellow

    By: Robert W. Chambers A ruinous play that brings nothing but despair and misery to anyone who reads second act. The King in Yellow flits along in the shadows, finding its unsuspecting victims, driving them to insanity as they read the pages within. The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers is a small book […]

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  • Empire of Silence

    By: Christopher Ruocchio A once high noble of the Palatine class, Hadrian Marlowe has fallen from grace. His plans to escape his father’s future for him go awry almost immediately and Hadrian finds himself lost, alone, and starving on a middle-of-nowhere planet. His will to survive will take him from dirty street urchin to Colosso […]

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  • The Sacred Bridge

    By: Anne Hillerman A hitchhiker run down in front of a police officer. A man found drowned in Lake Powell after a fall from a cliff side trail. Two mysteries with suspicious circumstances that will push Detectives Chee and Manuelito to the edge and endanger the lives of those they love around them. While Chee […]

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